About 29 Cornflakes

29 Cornflakes is art and music label from Singapore founded by Ray Tan, in 1999.

Ray was 17 and waiting for school to start. His days started 7 am at his parents bakery, breaking eggs and scrapping plates. He learnt to bake and worked till 9 pm everyday. On Sundays, his parents would let him go practice and hang out with his band, Kate of Kale, in the afternoon before returning to work the evening shift. 

Every night, he ran his little record label out of his living room. 29 Cornflakes Records was initially set up to release his band's demos but he found it a lot more interesting to release other bands too. He ended up releasing recordings of friends' bands, distributing punk/hardcore music and selling them at shows. The label had a little roster of artists and it was fun. Like minded individuals from all over the globe started writing to him and some even turn up at his doorstep when they visit Singapore! Below's a photo of the really bad cover art of the very first 29CF release. (Pre photoshop days!) 

 photo 790_103637345436_3305_n_zps59c5d7eb.jpg

The popularity of P2P file sharing giants Napster, Kazaa and Limewire also meant drop in sales for our distro catalog. It didn't help that ALL bands on the roster except his band, Kate of Kale, would disband after releasing their music. National Service and uni soon took up most of his time and 29 Cornflakes took the back seat.

 photo 790_103632005436_7373_n_zps96df134a.jpg
Setting up shop at a benefit show for the Afghanistan refugees

In 2008, Ray finally felt right to start running projects under the imprint again.
This time he found the right team members in friends he had known for years - Putting up shows, album launches, more zines and releasing Plainsunset's 
The Gift 10th Anniversary EP  in Vinyl.


 photo 790_103623385436_2240_n_zps3cf6bfe2.jpg 
Tiffany, circa 2000.

 photo 790_103635265436_6723_n_zps95c44a04.jpg 
Gordon wearing a KOK tee shirt Ray screen printed.

 photo 790_103633925436_3008_n_zps3f27c6bf.jpg
Taking residence with Sommerset in the merch tent at the VERY FIRST Baybeats!

 photo 790_103637095436_7134_n_zps546b49e5.jpg
Merch table at a Jammerz Pit (defunct) studio show, 2001 or 2002.

 photo 790_103631330436_2709_n_zps0289d856.jpg
Kate of Kale, Chocolate Tiger and NOOB at Youth Park, circa 2002? Shaun and Marcus skinny days!